Is Your Small Business Website Unhealthy?

By Erum Zehra

An unhealthy website? What is that supposed to mean?

Let us first define what a healthy web site is. A healthy web site is one that meets its goals. In other words, it is a successful web site. If your web site is not accomplishing its goals, then it may have some problems that need to be fixed.

How can the health of your web site be maintained?

The first step is to identify the ailments it may be suffering from. There are many web site ailments. But some of them are more common than others, and we will discuss some of those:

Ailment#1: Extreme Suitability Deficiency Syndrome

This happens when you build a web site without identifying the goals it is supposed to meet. Or you may have a goal in mind but your web site is not built according to it. Read my article on the business goals of a website

You may be offering irrelevant information, or offering in a way which is not effective or persuasive. If the website lacks focus it will confuse your visitor. People dont like being confused. They will simply leave and forget all about you. Now, thats what we call unhealthy, right?

Prescribed Remedy:
Your Web site Copy or Design should be laser focused on the offer you are making and the customers you are targeting. Try to come up with a prioritized list of what you want your visitors to do, and then design and write the copy of your web site, based on that checklist.

An example of such a list may be:

  • make the visitors stay;
  • lead the visitor to browse the services page;
  • make the visitor read the text;
  • make the visitor interested in the services;
  • persuade the visitor to buy the services or ask for a free trial;
  • make the visitor remember the offering even after he/she leaves.

Ailment#2: The Blundering Web site

This is when your web site has broken links, spelling and/or grammatical mistakes and other errors. This makes your website, and consequently you, look unprofessional.

Your visitors are likely to think that if you cannot pay attention to the details of your web site, you wont be attentive to their needs either. As a result they wont want to buy from you (if they stay long enough after looking at the errors).

Prescribed Remedy:
Proof read your web site copy again and again to identify errors. Also check all the links for problems. If possible, hire a professional proof reader/virtual assistant, especially if the web site is a big one. Consider this as an investment in building your image.

Ailment#3: The Drowsy Web site

This problem occurs when you put your visitor to sleep by being too lengthy or too boring in your Web site Copy. Your life history may be the greatest thing in the world to you, but your visitors honestly couldnt care less. They are only interested in finding out what they get out of visiting your web site.

If you bore your visitor, or if you dont come up with good reasons for them to stay at your web site, they are quite unlikely to stay for long, or ever come back.

Prescribed Remedy:
Try to think the way the visitor does. Tell the visitor about what he will get out of your product/service. In other words list all the key benefits in a persuasive, interesting and easy to understand manner. Focus on what the visitor wants and needs.

If possible, hire a professional to write your copy. It is much easier for a professional to identify key areas of emphasis in your offering, and to keep the visitor interested.  If you want to persuade your visitor to buy then your website should be persuasive.

Ailment#4: The Obese Web site

You make your web pages so heavy with text and graphics that they take ages to download.

Prescribed Remedy:
Write and rewrite your text to ensure that it is no longer than the required length, and that you are not missing any important points.

Make sure the images are relevant and attractive. If they are, then edit the images optimize them. If they are not relevant and appealing, then remove them. There is no use for a pretty picture if it takes forever to load and doesnt amplify your message.

Ailment#5: The Frenzied Web site

A frenzied web site is full of distracting and irritating elements. Some examples of such elements are animated graphics (also difficult to download), blinking text (impossible to read) animated banners and pop ups.

It is hard for people to focus in a place which is full of irritating elements, and the same applies to web sites. They wont wait long to click on to some other site, possibly your competitors.

Prescribed Remedy:
Identify the distracting elements in your web site and get rid of them.

Ailment#6: The Indeterminate Web site

Your web site is indeterminate if it is not properly organized or easy to navigate. Your visitor wont be able to find the desired information. He/she would also most likely be confused and wont know where to go.

It is a known fact that people detest web sites that are not easy to navigate, because they confuse them, and would not stay for long.

Prescribed Remedy:
If it is not possible for you to reorganize your site the right way, then hire a professional web designer to do this for you.


To conclude, some of these website problems can be cured by a little effort on your part and others may require professional advice or help. Also, do encourage your visitors to give you feedback, so that it is possible for you to identify areas with problems and look for solutions.

Remember, a little investment in your web sites health goes a long way in building the right image. Your web site should attract visitors and keep them there to ensure your online success. Make as much effort as you can to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

About The Author

Erum Zehra is a digital entrepreneur and the founder of Prestige Interactive. Prestige Interactive specializes in creating stunning business websites for female entrepreneurs to propel their business in the limelight. Download her FREE Website Planning Template today to design your website layout for success!

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