Team Members

Erum Zehra (Business Strategist)

AKA The Queen of Making Things Happen

Erum Zehra began her professional journey by launching a web content company  more than a decade ago. Her passion for research and web marketing led her to an exciting journey of learning SEO, graphic design, web design and the intricacies of running a business on social media. A stout perfectionist, five years in the media industry made her realize everything needed improvement and she decided to venture out on her own. She launched her social media agency, Prestige Interactive, in December 2018. Recently recognized as a “Learning Labs Leader” by Facebook, she also earned her certification as “Facebook Certified Community Manager”.

We, the team at Prestige, simply refer to her as Her Royal Highness and hope to live up to her expectations.

Photo Credit: Prestige Style Squad

Khaula Mazhar (Strategic Communications Director)

AKA The SEO Sorceress

Khaula Mazhar is a creative genius who has done it all. She pursued a Master’s in Biochemistry, spent ten years teaching, wrote for the newspaper and published a children’s storybook all while managing a house full of children, both her own and several adopted four-legged furry ones. Having studied Strategic Social Media Marketing and SEO she expertly creates and optimizes digital content for various clients. She loves to use her knowledge and experience to help clients improve their digital content and search engine rankings. A successful artist her visually appealing watercolor and acrylic work are always in demand; in her free time, she paints stories on big walls and her murals can be seen around the GTA.

Aaisha Khan (Digital Content specialist)

AKA Chief Storyteller & Editor Extraordinaire

Aaisha reads. A lot. She is a font of arcane knowledge, talks in non sequiturs, and thinks in bullet points. She has an MA in Communication & Culture, and a certificate in writing creative non-fiction. As a communications professional she has worked in Pakistan, UAE and Canada, and has over 18 years of experience in print, TV and digital journalism and academic research.
Experience has taught her to appreciate that stories well told are good writing: clear, concise and creative — words strung together in the perfect formation can make or break a story. Aaisha has written extensively on an array of topics; give her an issue and she will research and write with an expert voice.
She believes in authenticity, staying behind the scenes and drinking lots of water!

Photo Credit: Max Abadian

Sana Taimur (Marketing / Style Coordinator)

AKA The Sassy Stylist

Sana Taimur (our queen of style and gab – yeah, we let her do all the talking) started her fashion design studio named Melaan Designs in 2016. This marked the beginning of her journey to self learn marketing techniques. With persistence and hard work, she not only learned how to market her own business, she also became proficient in the techniques of launching, running and promoting a business on social media. She has successfully launched more than a dozen business events in a very short period of time. She brings her immaculate fashion sense and fashion design experience to the Style Squad team as our style coordinator. We are also thrilled to welcome her to the Prestige Interactive team as a Marketing Coordinator and look forward to our clients benefiting from Sana’s expertise.

Photo Credit: Prestige Style Squad

Afsheen Baig (Photographer/ Videographer)

AKA The Virtuoso of Visuals

Afsheen Baig is a professional digital art photographer and videographer. If you are looking for beautiful branding images of your business, then Afsheen is your gal. She brings four years of Product, Fashion and Event photography experience to the Prestige Style Squad team. She loves experimenting and striving for excellence in all her photography projects.  She is known to work tirelessly to create the perfect visual imagery and the most stunning photos for her clients. Her creative side has lead her to do initiate and finalize many creative photoshoots. She has curated the latest photography equipment to pursue her passion, and dedication towards her photography projects.

She also loves taking selfies. A lot.

Photo Credit: Prestige Style Squad

Maryam S. (Graphic Designer)

AKA Adobe Alchemist

Maryum Mazhar is a graphic designer and illustrator who has been creating digital art, branding material and promotional content since 2017. Passionate about visually appealing, user friendly multimedia design, she likes to regularly attend design and coding bootcamps and workshops to further her knowledge in the field. She is well-versed in Adobe creative suite, particularly Illustrator, InDesign, XD, Photoshop and After Effects. Maryum studied web and graphic design at Humber college and, following her passion for user-centered design, is currently pursuing her bachelors in UX design.

The youngest team member and BTS fanatic, she insists we call her our Golden Maknae. Needless to say, we don’t.