SEO / Web Content

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Your website needs to be optimized for the search engines so that people looking for your business can find you easily. We offer technical, on page and off page SEO.

Our SEO deliverables / services are:

  • SEO Strategy (Prices start from $250)

We perform a detailed review/ audit of your current SEO status and provide recommendations on how it can be improved.

  • SEO Plan (Prices start from $500)

We proved a detailed step by step plan on what activities need to be done to implement the recommended SEO strategy. You can work on this plan yourself if you like.

  • SEO Plan Implementation (Prices start from $800)

We implement our recommended plan for you and carry out all the recommended activities.

  • SEO Monthly Maintenance (Prices start from $800)

Once your SEO metrics are in order, they require constant maintenance to ensure that your website ranks high. We offer monthly SEO maintenance to help you with this goal.

Web Content Writing

How do you entice readers to read about your business, engage with your content, and keep coming back? Our web content writing services ensure that you have all the necessary information on your written in the best possible way to present you and your business. We create web content which is clear, concise, easy to read and gives a call for action.

Bio Content Package (Prices start from $150)

Our Bio Content package makes sure that you are off to a wonderful start with just the right kind of charm and friendliness that makes readers want to know more about you/ your business. We will do a quick consult with you (15-20 minutes) and craft a compelling ‘about’ story for your blog/website and/or social media. It will be authentic to who you are.

  • Bio Content: CAD 150
    About Us Content for Website, Facebook and Instagram (up to 100 words, optimized for relevant platforms)
  • Bio and FAQ Content: CAD 250
    About Us Content for Website, Facebook and Instagram, plus FAQ’s (up to 6 questions or 200 words)

Email Marketing Package (Prices start from $250)

You have a blog/website. Great! How do you make sure people who visit once will come again? You can have amazing content but if you don’t reach out to readers when there is a new post, or service, will they come back? For engagement that is ongoing, and successful, Prestige Interactive can help you set up a newsletter to stay in touch with your audience.

Our email marketing package includes the following services:

  • Template for newsletter,
  • Landing page layout and text (copywriting)
  • Welcome email
  • Email list import
  • Automated campaign setup (If required)

Need help with your SEO or Web Content? Let the Experts handle this!

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