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Are you happy with your current logo? Or do you even have a logo?

A logo tells your clients who you are and what your brand stands for. It should be clear and simple enough to use anywhere you want to be recognized.

On your website, your social media, business cards, marketing materials, and more.

We’re excited to share a logo design client win with you today!

First, a little background:

Our web design client Childrens Learning Garden is an Islamic daycare and Montessori school located in Mississauga, ON Canada. They are a vibrant and passionate organization whose vision is clear: to provide engaging Islamic and secular education in a fun, nature-filled environment.

The Challenge:

Ashley Leaman came to us as the winner of an amazing package from the Mississauga & Area Women in Business (MAWB) group over on Instagram. Among a list of fantastic prizes, she won a free logo design we added to the bundle.


Let me introduce Ashley:

Ashley is a fun-loving and passionate first-grade teacher. She also tutors children outside of school. And even in the midst of the isolation we’ve all experienced this year, Ashley hasn’t stopped pouring her heart out.

She posts on Instagram, ready to encourage her students and their parents. And her YouTube channel has allowed her to stay connected to her class through stories and lessons.

What Ashley wanted in a logo:

Being a teacher and a tutor has become more than just a job for Ashley. She is exploring ways to brand herself as an educator who truly inspires her students.

So we asked her what she was looking for in a logo. Ashley knew she wanted the image to reflect learning and teaching. While she is a first-grade teacher, she was looking for something that wasn’t specifically aimed at small children, but that could flexibly fit her work with older ones as well.

And she told us she preferred blues and greens, and wanted to avoid pinks and oranges!

So we took her thoughts and slogan (Teach. Love. Inspire.) and went to work.

We looked for images that reflected teaching but weren’t overdone.

Keeping the image balanced was important. So we made her name bold and clear, while we kept her slogan smaller but still very readable.

And here is the final product!


As a teacher, Ashley knows her role is more than completing lesson plans and grading projects. She is inspiring young minds on their journey through lifelong education! The book and graduation cap are great images of that process. We used Ashley’s favorite colors, blue and green, which also suggest growth. Overall, Ashley is thrilled with a logo that truly shows what she stands for in her career.

How about you? What does your logo say about your business?

Does it tell the story of how you help your clients? Does it represent who you are as a brand?

If you need a professionally designed logo to set you apart in your industry, we’d be happy to help. Book a call with Prestige Interactive to discuss the details today!

In the words of Ms Leaman aka Ashley, “I love the logo you designed. You took all my interests and put an incredible spin on them!”

Book a FREE 15 minute call and ask ALL your questions.

Do you have questions about creating your new or redesigned logo?

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Whatever you need, we’re ready to get right into the depths of your brand and business to make it happen!
You deserve a logo that reflects you and how you connect to your ideal client.

Bright colors.

Bold designs.

We’re not afraid of ‘em!

Erum and the Prestige Interactive team


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